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With VOICE you raise your voice, show yourself, your opinion and your origin. You take a stand. VOICE is a symbol, a sign of diversity, broken down to one word.

Behind VOICE is a community of interest that wants to be noticed, that wants to give more power to those who - not yet - can stand up for themselves.

Events and actions are brought to life to collect money for the "good cause". 
A committee or the patron of the event decides who receives the money. Because VOICE is the strong togetherness that stands for many and much. It unites those who need help and those who want to help: Sponsors, patrons, supporters as well as partner companies.
The initiative is a large international network of people who want to meet, value each other, get to know each other and make a difference together. Their sole endeavor is to strengthen the idea of WE and to carry it out into the world.

To create an awareness for each other - no matter where you come from, what you can do or what you believe in. Out of commitment, social and societal responsibility; united in the need to want to make the world a little bit better.
It has no skin color and no age. It does not distinguish between big and small. A voice only wants to be heard.

Patron and strong voice

Every person is unique and the inviolable human dignity is a birthright of every individual - I am committed to this conviction with all my heart.
Juandalynn R. Abernathy, patron of the "Raise Your Voice" initiative.
Juandalynn R. Abernathy is the strong voice next to VOICE as patron. The goddaughter of Dr. Martin Luther King was born in the USA and has lived in Germany for many years.

Juandalynn R. Abernathy has worked as a soprano, choir director, voice teacher, language trainer, opera singer, concert singer and spiritual singer. She has had various operatic engagements in the United States. Her tours have taken her throughout the USA, Europe and Asia.

Her conviction and charismatic performance inspires events as VOICE4CHARITY.

Patron and strong voice

Raise Your Voice wants to give a voice to togetherness - when dancing you even feel this togetherness in your whole body! This is exactly what we want to achieve with our outreach project MOVES FOR FUTURE.
Eric Gauthier, patron of the "Raise Your Voice" initiative.
Making dance fit for the future - that has long been Eric Gauthier's great concern. And long actually means from the very beginning. Even before the Theaterhaus Company's first premiere, SIX PACK, in January 2008, he and his first six dancers and the Gauthier Dance Mobil were bringing dance to people who couldn't come to the theater themselves. 

VOICE - 4 Human Dignity

The primal scream to VOICE couldn't be bigger.
§Section 1 of the Basic Law states: "Human dignity is inviolable. It is the duty of all to respect and protect it.

Expressed in African:
I am because you are, and I can only be if you are."

Thus, we all share one origin and differ only by gender, social, geopolitical or religious circumstances. This is where VOICE comes in.
We support projects that bring the world together a little more. That could be a construction project in Africa, but it could just as easily be the promotion of art and culture in Germany. Or books and games for needy families.
Join us and decide what your VOICE will be used for.

Our supporters are like-minded in thought and action. To stand up for others, to speak out, to overcome prejudices and to create something great together, that is the goal.

Your VOICE is never too small

What can you do?
How can you raise your voice?

It doesn't matter if you represent a corporation, come from show business, are an artist or a craftsman. We want to hear your voice.

The VOICE community of interest is a contact point for artists and artisans. For trades and crafts, for commerce and services. As long as you want to use your voice for the community, you are welcome.
It is an irresistible invitation to all to support the idea of international understanding and connection.
To maintain the dialogue. It is to create mindfulness, tolerance, appreciation and respect for the other.

We support each other in the ever-growing network and also create added value for society with events, actions and auctions.
Be part of it

VOICES of our network

  • With the M-BOX4allnations project, we are happy to support the initiative.
    The M-BOX "raises your voice" as an ambassador for international understanding, for the dialogue of people from different countries and for the universal understanding that unites people beyond cultures, religions, skin color and world views.
    Furniture Design Manufaktur
  • Being open to the perspectives of others, having the courage to think in new ways, appreciating diversity and acting differently. All this is VOICE. An initiative that is more important than ever and that, in addition to creativity, also produces unique people and great projects: With each other, For each other. An absolute heart project that one can only support.
    Jasmin Najiyya
    Marketing expert
  • Our world needs nothing more urgently than living humanity, living together in brotherhood with empathy, to preserve our values through mutual appreciation and constructive ideas. As a planner and project manager with many years of experience, I am very happy to contribute my knowledge and raise my voice for VOICE with all my fellow campaigners.
    Werner Grützner
    Retired architect (TUM), PMF (GPM), JCI Senator
  • We all have a lot in common. As the lowest common denominator, this should be the basis of all communication. A fair and respectful cooperation. I associate all this with VOICE. For this reason it is a matter of the heart for me to support this project.
    Sikko Hühsam
    SH.Websolutions / Gallery Thomas Hühsam
  • Every person is unique and has special skills and talents. "Raise your Voice" gives people a voice, promotes diversity and enables these individual talents to be heard, valued and used for social progress.
    Jörg Kübler
    Managing Director IMAGESTORM GmbH
  • As an artist miNo ®, I passionately support Raisethevoice.de because I strongly believe that art is a powerful weapon against racism.
    My "Black is Beautiful" series is a testament to my belief that diversity enriches our world. With Raisethevoice.de, I use my art specifically to promote diversity and initiate positive change.
    miNo ®
    miNoART / Podcast
  • Social changes demand social responsibility. RAISE YOUR VOICE stands up for this with determination and I am proud to be able to support this project.
    Raiko Schwalbe
    Trade show organizers of ART MUC Munich - INC Art Fair Hamburg - INC Art Fair Bodensee
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