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Werner Grützner
Retired architect (TUM), PMF (GPM), JCI Senator
Our world needs nothing more urgently than living humanity, living together in brotherhood with empathy, to preserve our values through mutual appreciation and constructive ideas. As a planner and project manager with many years of experience, I am very happy to contribute my knowledge and raise my voice for VOICE with all my fellow campaigners.
Ambassador from VOICE
Sikko Hühsam
SH.Websolutions - expert for processes and automation / Gallery Thomas Hühsam
We all have a lot in common. As the lowest common denominator, this should be the basis of all communication. A fair and respectful cooperation. I associate all this with VOICE. For this reason, it is a matter of the heart for me to support this project.
Processes, Automation Marketing / Concept / Web / Ambassador
Jörg Kübler
Managing Director IMAGESTORM GmbH (media agency) - expert for media and marketing
Every person is unique and has special skills and talents. "Raise your Voice" gives people a voice, promotes diversity and enables these individual talents to be heard, valued and used for social progress.
Marketing and media / Ambassador
Jasmin Najiyya
Marketing expert
Being open to the perspectives of others, having the courage to think in new ways, appreciating diversity and acting differently. All of this is VOICE. An initiative that is more important than ever and that, in addition to creativity, also produces unique people and great projects: With each other, For each other.
Press spokeswoman / Marketing / Ambassador
Raiko Schwalbe
Trade show organizers of ART MUC Munich - INC Art Fair Hamburg - INC Art Fair Bodensee
Social changes demand social responsibility. VOICE stands up for this with determination and I am proud to be able to support this project.
Supporter / Ambassador
miNoART / Podcast /
As an artist miNo ®, I passionately support because I strongly believe that art is a powerful weapon against racism. My "Black is Beautiful" series is a testament to my belief that diversity enriches our world. With VOICE, I use my art specifically to promote diversity and initiate positive change.
Ambassador / Marketing

Initiators and supporters of the first hour

Nicole Doth
Dont be afraid of Art / MÜNCH Furniture Design - Manufacture
By becoming part of VOICE, you can not only be an active part of positive change, but also grow personally and develop a deeper understanding of the needs of our society. It is an opportunity to take responsibility and make the world a better place.
Initiator of the M-Box 4 All Nations / Concept / Marketing
Ute Hartmann
contact art design - Galerie & Agentur / MÜNCH Möbeldesign - Manufaktur
Participating in VOICE provides a unique opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals who are committed to social justice and charity. Together, we can be a stronger voice for those who need support.
Founder of Voice / Initiator of M-Box 4 All Nations / Concept / Marketing
Michael Münch
MÜNCH Furniture Desgin - Manufacture
This initiative not only promotes social commitment, but also offers the opportunity to gain valuable experience, learn new skills and build a strong network of like-minded people.
Initiator of the M-Box 4 All Nations / Concept
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