A thought, that became the voice

In the beginning VOICE was a piece of wood in its most beautiful form. The team of MÜNCH Furniture Design has developed a furniture called "MBOX For all nations", which stands for diversity and culture.

Just as every M-BOX always has the same format, the same dimensions, your "shape" is equal to people, all are one in "physique". The differences only show up in personality, world view, religion and attitude towards things. The M-BOX then reflects this "character" in your surface design.
This gave rise to the idea of becoming part of something bigger. To create an international network of people. People who want to make the world a better place every day through their character, personality and attitude.

The birth of VOICE had come. Inspired by Michael Münch, Ute Hartmann and Nicole Doth from contact to design - MÜNCH Furniture Design.

Münch Furniture Design

Initiator and founder
The M-Box and the M-BOX for all nations (FAN) with its history is the ideal communication tool to connect all people, to get the dialogue going and to keep it alive.
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Ute Hartmann - Nicole Doth - Michael Münch
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Call for dialogue with each other - get to know each other - network
We want to bring people and companies - whether regional or international - together.
together. We call for joint exchange, dialog and networking
and networking; to get to know each other and to be able to make a difference with like-minded
for a better world!
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